Monday, August 9, 2010

ask him about the hat

I have no idea how I came up with the hat. It hasn't changed since 1988, except for a few minor tweaks.

ain't even my part of town

What I like about this is that I deliberately made the devastation flat; sometimes, when a tornado hits, you're lucky if anything is standing.

all my socks and shoes

I have to do this. I have been known to keep socks well past their usefulness and I have shoes older than I care to admit. If I didn't stop and try to correct this problem, I'd drown in old socks and shoes.

a farmer knows about yearning

Polite society doesn't acknowledge the lonely lives of bachelor farmers, nor does it care.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

riding a bike down the stairs

peaches en regalia

That's probably the wrong way to use the title, but oh well.

Farms have a lot of very old things on them.

ride the lightning

it was all a big drag

I remember being interviewed, twice, to work at Kinkos and they never hired me. I don't think I've ever figured out why, since everyone else was pretty good about hiring me for reasons I'll never understand. Ninety percent of it is "who do you know?" The rest, you get lucky. Or, no one else applies.

i remember when

Farmer Butt makes a very sly observation, but Abbott--clutching his peanut butter knife like the fierce warrior that he is, weighs in with his own very witty putdown.

pretend I'm cool

It would have been nice to "finish" Nathan but I don't feel bad about minimalism; this entire comic strip is an appeal to minimalism.

no grenade launchers

This one shows how neat and organized Gooseberry can be when he has a project to complete.

start a kitty cat revolution

Nappy time is extremely important to cats, even ones that hide in boxes

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

just wanted to let you know

thank you

This blog has never had a proper home nor has it ever really taken off or figured itself out or made a break for it. It has never stretched out and found a way to present itself without annoying people. It's blatantly awful at times. I love it for all of those reasons.

It's the collection of weird drawings that I do from time to time that pretends to be a comic strip (it's not). It's about four characters who are weird and say things that I think are funny (at the time). It's mildly amusing and I like having it out there.

Abbott and Gooseberry has been around for over twenty years in one form or another. The fact that it's in blog form is a kick in the pants. The fact that it's weird is entirely my doing. I will never stop trying nor will I ever be surprised to see it fail.