Tuesday, August 3, 2010

thank you

This blog has never had a proper home nor has it ever really taken off or figured itself out or made a break for it. It has never stretched out and found a way to present itself without annoying people. It's blatantly awful at times. I love it for all of those reasons.

It's the collection of weird drawings that I do from time to time that pretends to be a comic strip (it's not). It's about four characters who are weird and say things that I think are funny (at the time). It's mildly amusing and I like having it out there.

Abbott and Gooseberry has been around for over twenty years in one form or another. The fact that it's in blog form is a kick in the pants. The fact that it's weird is entirely my doing. I will never stop trying nor will I ever be surprised to see it fail.

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